Riding my bike - CD  Review


What people have said ...

"Great and inspirational music ... 20,000 dancing and cheering spectators can't be wrong. This is terrific music!".

(The song was played throughout their Memorial Day parade float, May 25, 2009 in Fairfield, CT to promote their Cycling for Cancer Survivors event)

- Bob Mazzone, Executive Director - American Cancer Society
Connecticut Challenge for Cancer Survivors, Fairfield, CT

“Just to let you know how much I love your CD!!!!!!!  It's a masterpiece!!!  I got goose bumps listening to “Elsa's Serenade”.  Your CDs should be sold out already, A SUPER CD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Could listened to that CD 24/7... Best one I now have in my collection.”
  1. -Werner Sotzny, Pickering, ON

“Love it!  Love it!  Love it!  I have played it at least a dozen times over and over! Love Elsa's voice, you two sound so goood together!  I get that peaceful, easy feeling after listening to the piano pieces.  Been finding excuses to drive to Orlando to see my boys, so I can play the cd for 3 hrs at full volume without interruption.  Way to go Marc, you did it again!!  Keep them (food for my soul songs) coming!”
  1. -Eva Austria, Port Charlotte, FL

“The whole CD is brilliant.  We listened to it and were very much impressed.  Of course you have our support for the next ride.  I just admire the two of you more and more.  Your character shines through everything that you do and go through.  God bless you both.  We love you.”
  1. -Mila Urbano, Toronto, ON

“... You are both the most wonderful gift from above!!!  Your CD is our morning treat as it wakes us up every morning... Just to let you know how blessed we are for having you in our lives.  You are such an inspiration; your love and care for one another is awesome and worth emulating.  We will continue to pray for your success with everything especially with the “Ride” and for Els to truly conquer the battle.  We thank God for you and all your good works!!!!  Your die-hard fans.”
  1. -The Samsons, Calgary, AB

“Just finished listening to the CD.  Just want to let you know I've enjoyed it very much ...  I like them all but I was really touched by “Wonderful Woman” this time.  Your compositions are wonderful.  The arrangements plus the songs' tempo are just right.  I was exercising to the tune of “Riding my Bike”.  Even the instrumentals are quite uplifting.  When I heard Elsa's voice again I couldn't help but send loving thoughts to her.  Her voice is still inspiring.  It reminded me of days gone by when we would sing to church and other gatherings.  I pray that she will conquer her battles.”
  1. -Rebecca Cruz, Toronto, ON

“Listened to your CD a few days ago and I must say it was very well done.  Your voice and your compositions - all amazing !!!!  I really really love my favourite of all your songs -  “Wonderful Woman”.  Keep up the good work .... ”
  1. -Doris Concepcion, Toronto, ON

“Congratulations!  I love all the songs.  I have played it again and again and again and again ...”

- Gilda Varanal, Great Neck, NY

“I truly enjoyed all the songs ... I especially love "Heaven in Your Eyes" and the duet with Elsa.  “Wonderful Woman” has always been a favourite since I first heard it ... The CD will now be my companion on my daily drive to work.”
  1. -Patti Candido, Kingston, ON

“We LOVED it. Only wish you were here to play.”
  1. -John Montagna, Port Charlotte, FL

“I love the new CD, it is really great ... Thank you for such beautiful music.”
  1. -Joe and Julie Castaldo, Punta Gorda, FL

“Thanks for sharing us the wonderful CD that we listened to during our trip to Chicago.  Both of you are so talented and how proud we are for each of you.”
  1. -Don & Susan Dizon, Stouffville, ON

“Thanks for the inspired and inspirational CD.  You are a great supporter!  Many thanks!”
  1. -Paul Alofs, President & CEO, The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation, Toronto, ON

“... I like the way the tracks are laid out, it did not leave any moment for any dull lapses throughout the playing.  It was a continuous mix of soulful ballads and hip hop  (I particularly enjoyed your rap in “Riding to Conquer Cancer”).  I heard and enjoyed some Latin beats as well as good Country one would automatically go line dancing ... Elsa, you still have it!  Your "It Is No Secret" was coming straight from your beautiful heart as I intimately know it since our longtime active salad days.”
  1. -Lee Quesada, Toronto, ON

Why I did the Ride To Conquer Cancer





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1.  Riding My Bike

2.  Heaven In Your Eyes

3.  Above All/ It Is No Secret

4.  Elsa’s Serenade

5.  Wonderful Woman

  1. 6. Danny Boy

  2. 7. Riding To Conquer Cancer

  3. 8. Heavenly Flight

  1. 9. Somewhere (A Place For Us)

  2. 10. Give Me Love

  3. 11. Here Today

  4. 12. How Else Can It Be

  5. 13. Golden Heart

  6. 14. One Tine Soldier

  7. 15. Missing You Blue

  8. 16. Call Of Glory