Some say that writing a song is like caring for a child but only expressed in words and music.  It is a big part of yourself, nurturing its growth until it develops into something that is appreciated, longed, loved, remembered.  It has been a journey set to motion with the help of people who come into our lives.  The same emotions are stirred only in a deeper level and none so true than our relationships with our family.  My sincere thanks to my family, for their love and support with my musical endeavours and with everything I do, for making my dreams come alive and soar to new heights.  You have been a constant in my life.  Thank you Mom and Dad for always being there for me, for helping me realize my vision, and for your belief and trust, for your sacrifices for us.  “You are the one and through all the days to come, I thank you for what I’ve become”.  I’ll always cherish that.  For my sister, Suzanne, for your love, caring support, generosity, and for your belief.  Thank you for always being there for me.  My brother-in-law, Eugene, for your faith in my music and enthusiasm with my work. To my brother Michael, for your love and existence.  For my nieces Marianne and Jodi and nephew Christian.  I talk of a constant and there is no one else more suited to the word than my ever loving and understanding wife, Elsa.  You’ve always been there for me, in my thoughts, actions, dreams, failures, and accomplishments.  I could just go on.  You truly embody, and more, the ideal partner. I love you so much and thank you for sharing and trusting your life with me.  To our loving dog, Chip, with all his unconditional love and joy that he brings to our lives.  Thanks Mike for your creativity on the album design and for generously lending your talents, you’re the best!  Thanks Susan for the elegant lyrics on WW.  Thanks John J for the great work on LOTU.  To Brian, the consummate musician.  Thank you for breathing life to my songs and for all your generous help with your tremendous talents.  A sincere pleasure working with you. Thanks Joe and  Joanne of RDR Music Group for all your help and advice in producing and marketing my CD.  To all my relatives, friends, and acquaintances, old and new, that I have had the pleasure of meeting and being with.  To everyone who supported and followed my career, I thank you.  You’ve inspired me to continue with what I truly love and for allowing me to believe in myself and for reassuring me that the dream is alive and well.  Last but certainly can never be least, and surely the most important of all, I thank our One and true God in Heaven, for letting me be a meek tool for Your work with the gifts You gave me, that I dare use, and for letting me share it with others.  I am humbled by Your Grace.

Enjoy the album everyone!





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1.  Lure Of The Underground

2.  Wonderful Woman

3.  143

4.  Mother

5.  See The City Tonight

6.  Goin’ All The Way

7.  Living To Be Free

8.  Give Me Love

9.  Angel Of My Life

10. I Could Be Doubtful

11. The Traveller

12. Mother (Reprise)