"It gives me great pride and pleasure to be able to release my first album through the help and confidence given to me by Ms Pilita Corrales, Vic and Ricky del Rosario and staff of VIVA Records, my Mom and Dad, families and friends, and by several people who supported me and my music, particularly Elsa, my co-writer.

I am happy that I am able to touch some lives with my songs which further encouraged me to go through this project and also with the hope of inspiring the lives of others.  I believe that God gives us the talent to make music which is a beautiful thing to listen and to enjoy, and with His continued blessings, we're all able to take part in one of life's simple but magnificent and enduring pleasure.

God gives as love, love is music, music is you and me, playing in perfect harmony."

Marc Ballesteros

Debut Album


1.  Hindi Na

2.  Angel Of My Life

3.  Paano Sasabihin

4.  Love Is All Around

  1. 5. See The City Tonight

  2. 6. Pagkat Ikaw

  3. 7. Hold On

  4. 8. Kulang